"There are many benefits ADO Florida can offer your political campaign."

  • ADO Florida's rates are not going up but advertising rates for most media will increase, but particularly TV with rates projected to climb as much as 50% in key markets.

  • Schedule now to insure you have a place for your message....Higher demand means less supply.  Start early, be consistent, "drive" your message home.

  • Many agencies are already working on media plans that shift dollars out of TV in 2016, because they recognize either the supply won’t be there or the cost will be too high. ADO Florida's digital platform offers campaigns the flexibility of immediate, no-cost message changes at speeds faster than both broadcast and print media. The many advantages of ADO Florida's are significant in Florida as we are a swing state.

    Candidates are increasingly aware of the power Digital Billboard advertising can add to their efforts.  Nationally Outdoor Advertising's share of the political advertising pie is on the rise, increasing 25 percent from 2012 to 2014. In addition, the Government, Politics, and Organizations category was the top growth category in Outdoor advertising in 2014.

    There are many benefits ADO Florida can offer your political campaign.   We can help your campaign because:

  • Outdoor advertising's growing audience and market share, along with ever-increasing consumer mobility, position it very well against other forms of traditional media in the battle for political dollars.

    Source: Kantar, Washington Analysis LLC, Nielsen, Arbitron, USA Touchpoints, RealityMine

  • Greatest reach of any ad medium in a world of highly-fragmented consumer media consumption

    • ability to amplify any media plan in ways other media cannot, especially mobile advertising

    • targetability with  key demographic or geographic-specific voters

    • greatest level of engagement with mobile consumers in the important half hour before key mobile activity such as search, social media, and more

    • We over-index with crucial voting blocs – adults 25-54, household income $50K+ and $75K+, and the employed – the very same groups who are thE most likely to vote

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