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"We were not getting the same traffic as we had for many years at the Holiday House.  We put up ads on ADO Florida's billboards and the results were immedite, the traffic came back to expected levels.  Amazing!"  Karen G.  Fort Myers  12/14




Prime de Leon Wine ADO REV.jpg
23 percent_Ft.Myers_Billboard ADO.jpg
Majestic Enterprises ADO.jpg
NAC Texting and Driving_ASPHALT_ Ad ADO.jpg
Blu DT fish wall ad ADO r1.jpg
homepage-hitch ADO.jpg
NAC Breathalyzer_ Ad ADO.jpg
NAC GoRed-Firefighter Ad ADO .jpg
Prime Salad ADO REV.jpg
adc_tea_geography_Eng_ Ad ADO.jpg
Eye Associates billboardfinal ADO.jpg
DragonFlyAD2 ADO.jpg
homepage-santaland ADO.jpg
Dales Girls Ad 1 ADO.jpg
CGCC Roof Before rain ADO .jpg
Blue Sushi Logo Ad ADO.jpg
Bayshore Garden Center Ad2 ADO.jpg
homepage-gershwin ADO.jpg
Prime Steak ad ADO REV.jpg
NFM Chamber Taste 2 ADO.jpg
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