It's My Birthday!!


So it's your birthday?  A friend or Loved one's birthday coming soon? Aniversary, Graduation, you name it.  PUT IT IN LIGHTS!  It's a great surprise for the celebrated one as well as a great way of sharing yours or their acheivement with others.


How would you like to have you or your favorite person's picture in lights for their BIRTHDAY!!!!! 


It's a unique present and you can have it today by sending in a picture, the name and we'll do the rest!


We design the posting and send you a copy of your birthday wishes on our digital billboard for you to cherish the memory.


Here's how you do it:


Compete the following and we'll be in touch to get your photo, the name and any special requests.  We'll format your ad and put it up for a day for $99.00 for one day.  It will be up from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM, it will display 1440 times for a total of 2.4 hours.








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