Understanding digital billboard advertising and it’s cost

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Some business owner's think they can't afford to advertise on digital billboards, and quite to the contrary, they can't afford to miss the opportunity.


ADO Florida's Digital Billboard Advertising costs are based on the length of the agreement and the amount of exposure purchased.    


Events may want a concentration of ads for a short period of time.


Businesses need constant exposure over a long period to be effective in advertising.  This is branding.  This is being in front of your customer when they are ready to make a purchase decision.   We can balance the amount of daily exposure and extend the time so that you're always in front of your buying public.


ADO Florida has programs tailored to your budget.  We can start driving traffic to your business starting at $5.00 per day.  You may purhase one day to one year. 


Frequency: Each advertising space is displayed for 6 seconds up to one time per minute and 1440 times every day. 


Sharing: You can share your advertising space with associates or other businesses to save account costs.


Control: You can control how much or little any ad is played or the time of day any one of your ads play. You have a login and password and can post any ad that is in your library.


Our advertising cost per thousand (CPM) is below the national average and our local competition for digital billboards.


With well conceived content, our digital billboards will effectively build your brand, keep you in front of your customer when they are ready to purchase.


Call us today at (239) 995-9500 or email us at info@adoflorida.com to design a campaign that works for you!


How many people see your ads?


Daily traffic - 31,500 average daily vehicle traffic per FDOT May 2016


Number of persons driving by in those vehicles seeing your ad per day?     46,500 


Number of persons 18 years or older in the Ft Myers / Cape Coral area 592,315 per 2016 Census Estimate.



Please note:

Advertising rates are subject to change.  Please contact ADO Florida today to discusss your adverting campaign.

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